How to décor home for festivals?

The festivals in India are celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm. Festivals are considered as auspicious time to buy something. And when we think about festival the first thing that crosses our mind is a combination of colors, flowers, and lot of sweet treats that makes the occasion a lot more fun. Even some colorful clothes like dupattas, scarfs or chunnis can be used to decorate home. Usually, the home decoration starts at least a week before the big day arrives. People start to clean, scrub and polish the home so as to bring prosperity and happiness to their lives. Here are some simple ways on how to decorate home for festivals.

Home decoration tips for festivals

Add toran

Toran or fresh mango leaves are an important part of most pooja ceremonies and festivals. Mostly, mango leaves are hung above the doorways to welcome God as well as guests into the house. The major reason why people prefer mango leaves is because they last for longer time as compared to other leaves.

Create and decorate small puja room

Try to get small open puja mandir and make sure to add it into your living room during the festival. It would be nice to decorate mandir with lamps and fresh flowers. You can even buy golden chowki and keep the deity on it. The other way to decorate God/Goddesses at home for festivals is to use fresh and pure flowers for pooja.

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Add lights

Indian festivals are incomplete without proper lightning arrangements. It would be great to have lights in your home. Try to illuminate the home with bright twinkling lights in your home. Usually, string lights are must have elements for Diwali season.


Flowers are perfect to decorate home for pooja room during festivals.  You can spread rose petals on the floor and place diyas on it. You can even buy new diyas from the market and paint it at your home with your favorite color. It is one of the best ways to decorate home for festivals.

Lamps, candles

Festivals are celebrated with great enthusiasm and zeal by lightning up candles, lamps and lanterns. You can make paper lanterns and can hang them around the home or at a place where it looks vibrant. You can even hang decorative accessories and colorful kandeels around your home on the big day.

Aarti ki thali

It is easy to decorate aarti’s thali in various ways. The simple way is to use flower petals.


people also prefer to decorate home with rangoli using colors, rice flour, sand, saw dust and flower petals.

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