How to decor home for Janmashtami 2016?

Janmashtami marks the birthday of Lord Krishna and is one of the most important festivals of India. The festival is not all about observing penance and praying to God, it is about food, fun and enjoyment too. Lord Krishna popularly known as Bal Gopal is treated with lot of affection and happiness. So, this Janmashtami infuse fun and joy. Here are some home decor tips:


  • Decor your home with fresh flowers to cheer up the festive look
  • In the evening, burn lanterns, diyas or electric bulb just like Diwali
  • Cook something delightful for your family members, apart from regular meal
  • Make a get together of friends and family, but don’t strain yourself, get everyone involved in decoration, puja chores, so that burden is equally divided.
  • Spend the night with family members discussing about events that happened in the life of Lord Krishna, chanting his name, singing, playacting, etc
  • Hunt and buy some souvenirs for family members and get something really fascinating for little Krishna
  • Decorate home with handi and fill it with little goodies for everyone and ask every member to pick up the gift
  • Ask every family member to cook some dish for Lord Krishna, this way the work will be divided and everyone will get opportunity to explore into the world of cooking
  • Ask everyone to bring gifts for Balgopal.It will be fun moment!
  • Last but not the least; play music like Lord Krishna Bhajans to add to the festive spirit.
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