How to design stylish spa bathroom

Are you tired of the standard run-of-the-mill bathroom or do you want to convert the same into a stylish wet room? Or how about trading old cupboard for en-suite

Want to turn your run-of-the-mill bathroom into a gorgeous, relaxing retreat or your shower room into a stylish wet room? Or how about trading your dark cupboard for a to die for en suite? Here’s how you can do that:

Before you purchase
Whatever your plans for space is, there are certain principles that you need to adhere to.

Why it should cost a bomb

Creating a spa bathroom is all about adding style to the bathroom. It is not an expense. You can buy sanitary ware from the DIY store and stock perfectly fabulous basins and avoid that run-off-the-mill basins.

Why you don’t a big bathroom

We are not saying to opt for a big bathroom, rather in the present times it is a luxury. So, it is better to have a small one and create that spa bathroom feeling along with right sanitary ware and right décor. For more ideas, see below mentioned images.

Will layout work in your favor- Do you want to bring change in the bathroom layout? Use a freestanding bath under a window or make space for shower. Don’t skimp here and there- rather opt for a highly skilled plumber who will provide detailed plans about the same. He will bring everything on worktable.

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Eliminate the clutter from the bathroom- Spa bathroom look fabulous, but all you need to do is to hide kids bath toys and enlarge storage space, so it is an added bonus. How about adding a slim shelf for gorgeous looking bottles, a floor to ceiling cupboard to hide loo rolls along with a freestanding cabinet to stash away the razors?

Minimal is good- Squeezing space makes the bathroom look less crowded and so swapping a bidet for storage will help you in your task. You can even ask your friends and family about interior designer, who can provide you various themes to suit your bathroom space.

So, what are the elements that make your spa bathroom look perfect and fabulous. Well, it is more than just fittings rather it is much more than that. It won’t cost you a fortune. The secret of a perfect spa bathroom is layout, design and accessories. Here are tips that you can read:

Must Have
For a spa bathroom it is necessary to have following items:
Roll-top bathroom or super sized if you have a large space. It will render a boutique hotel look to the bathroom. Avoid yards they are only good for roll-tops.
Counter top sinks comes in several forms like marble, woods or even teak wood looks great and the storage beneath these sinks looks decent and practical too.
Posh taps give a plain but white basin and bath will provide a designer, burnished stainless steel, chrome will never be outdated.
Last but not least; use concealed halogen lightning. It gives daylight effect and highlights the best feature of bathroom.

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