How to make bathroom lively?

Bathroom can be added luxurious or royal touch by incorporating following tips:

Add quaint wrought iron shelves

Quaint wrought iron shelves can be easily created over the wash basin. Even one can add distinct plant or vase holder with fresh or even dried flowers. Unique plant holders can be made from different materials and shapes like slippers, dinosaur, bicycle or even bulbs can add a quirky twist to the space. Scented candles can be added to the candle holder in the bathroom. It will lend Victorian twist to the bathroom. The presence of candles can be further extended to the ceiling in the form of strung up chandelier with lots of candles instead of bulbs.
Add wall paper to the bathroom

The colors and wall art can even be added to the bathtub where tiling can be reduced as compared to the rest of the wall space. Wall decor can be made from objects of glass. It can be hung in this space, as it is not affected by humidity or dampness and yet it accentuate the space optimally.
Add contemporary look to the bathroom

If contemporary black and pastel shades are needed, the same can be done by opting for glass counter where the wash basin is made from glass. This can be further complemented with attractive wrought iron stand to entail accessories, candles, flowers or artifacts.

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