How to perk up the look of your home?

If you wish to give your home a new look, it is advisable to follow below mentioned tips:

Go for durable and high quality curtains

If you are planning to change the look of your home and that too within your budget, go for durable drapes or blinds that can withstand constant washing. Linen fabric in curtains gives it a handmade look and careful detailing or decorative motif on fabric gives it a homely feel. Other fabric that you can select is satin, sheer and organza. They add royal look to the room. Silk can be added in a way of embellishment. These fabrics are advisable for living room, dining room or a family room.

Voile is a lightweight fabric that scores high in terms of ergonomics as well as style. It is best for rooms that need more fresh air and sunlight. These curtains are light in weight and are available in several colors and prints. They give a decorative feel to the windows. Full height curtains add vertical volume to the home.

What fabric is best for upholstery?

Chenille is the best fabric for upholstery. It offers soft touch to the home, and is perfect material for chair coverings, children bedrooms and lounges. For heavy traffic areas, hard wearing fabrics should be opted for. Velvets should be selected for sofas and armchairs. It adds regal touch to the entire living room. The richness of the fabric and colors tend to fade away.

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What is the best fabric for cushions and bedspreads?

Cushions and coverings perk up the level of comfort and adds decorative feel to the interior spaces. A personalized home decor can be easily achieved by selecting various shapes, sizes and colours of the cushion. The best fabric is cotton, linen, handloom, as they add warmth to the room. Having throws and cushions in rich fabric makes the sofa look trendy and modern

Rugs and carpets

Persian carpets are the best form of carpet weaving and displaying intricate-hand woven designs. Contemporary designer rugs with bold prints or floral designs can be added in children’s room. Carpets balance the colours beautifully. The bright shades of walls can be softened with different carpet patterns.

Colours to select from

There is a wide range of colour options available like red, yellow, amber and pink to serene shades of blue. Some of the more popular colour shades are teals, limes and pink. Nectarine adds warm touch and it can be combined with red and lemon shade. It makes the home inviting.


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