How to style female bathroom?

Women tend to spend more time in the bathroom than man and it’s better to have feminine décor. Select from feminine bathroom décor can range from soft and romantic touch to bold and elf assured touch. There are three ways to decorate a bathroom:

Flowers in the bathroom

Modern-floral-bathroom How to style female bathroom?
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A flower theme instantly adds liveliness to a bathroom. Whether the flowers are big and bold or dainty, their mere presence creates softness in the room. Pick up any style of flower that accent with the desired mood. Select bold flowers like Hibiscus, or Bougainvillea, to get that tropical beach feel. Add shower curtain hooks, colorful bath rugs, and bright wall paints, all these will match up with the flower theme very well. If you want to add softer feel for the room, consider opting for cabbage roses. It will create romantic cottage chic décor. Creamy whites with gentle pink add feminity to the bathroom. There are various flower choices available, so be sure to research about the same.

Polka Dots in the bathroom

bathroom-accessories-polka-dots-pink How to style female bathroom?
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Polka Dots are considered as girl’s best friend. Select various colors or school colors to paint polka dots on the bathroom walls. Vary their wall placement to create fun and beautiful look. Small polka dots painted on the ceiling add a visual appeal. Accent the bathroom room with polka dot shower curtain, window curtain and other accessories. Towels can be either purchased in polka dot pattern that matches polka dot colors. Fun and feminine circular bath rug add warmness to the home, also make it look trendy. Polka dots uplifts the mood of the bathroom space.

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Add glamorous look to the bathroom

polka-dot-bathroom How to style female bathroom?
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In order to create an ultra feminine look, use fashionable organized drawer and boxes. Get inspired from fashion magazines, fashion shows, ramp, make up artist award. Bright, round bulbs can be turned into the make up mirror, so start with mirror design when creating a room that is styled around bathroom theme.  Bright shades like pink and black can be used in wall décor and paints. Paint the wall with vertical stripes of pink and black to give the bathroom a regal feel. Ensure that the shower curtain, window curtains and bathroom mats complements with the home décor. Think about fashion, glamour and luxury.

In a nutshell, there are various ways and styles available to decorate a feminine style bathroom, so be sure that the selected hone décor complements with the woman most used room. Home decoration magazines can turn out to be an inspiration for décor, as well.


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