Interior Design Career

Interior designing is an extraordinary blend of creativity, artistic talents and an inspired mind, which makes this career option on high demand, these days. Where interior designing is all about an implausible arrangement of living space, being an interior designer means that people need to be very organized, disciplined and should have an aesthetic vision to create designing solutions that are attractive, functional, safe and also meet the criteria of clients. In addition to these basic qualities, this sector also requires immense dedication, lot of energy and technical proficiency, so as to enjoy rewarding and worthwhile results.

Designer’s Perspective
The arrangement of living space is not just limited to residential areas, but it also includes designing of offices, hotels, showrooms, retail shops, exhibition halls, theaters, commercial areas, airports and much more. A candidate looking forward to pursue this career option needs to achieve functionality in the designed space and should be able to create a perfect atmosphere, that too, within the expected budget of the client.

This sector has gained popularity over a few years, as people are becoming more conscious about their interior layouts, space arrangements and designs, thereby opening more career opportunities for the upcoming candidates. An applicant seeking to make a bright career in this field can always choose to have specialization in a particular section like business designs, landscapes or residential designs. Therefore, it is also necessary to keep updated with the changing trends, latest styles and demands of people.

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Interior Designing Course Details
These days, several colleges and universities offer different types of courses to students including B.Sc (Interior Design), Master of Interior Architecture and Design and Professional Diploma in Furniture & Interior Design, but minimum qualifications require 10+2 certification. Though only a few colleges on the list provide professional guides and top notch services, but with the associated expansion of market, several colleges are incorporating highly professional instructors, updated volumes of necessary supplies and associated study material.

Apart from qualifications, students also need a strong portfolio and a good experience in this field, before they actually get started. After graduation, they can opt for 1-3 years of apprenticeship and can begin their career as assistants under licensed designers to acquire better understanding about the field. In some states, designers must hold a license for which they need to take an exam. This exam holds a combined six years experience of education and working under the belt of a licensed designer.

Key to Success
For a person to become a professional interior designer, it is really important to be very good in fulfilling artistic and technical requirements. Planning a space and presenting the plan visually to the client should be done efficiently. Designers should also have a good know-how about using different materials, products, colors, textures and lighting effects, so as to come up with an interior plan that can make people envious. Additionally, the person should also have good project management abilities to deal with the deadlines competently.

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