Kitchens – the hub of the home

Jona Lewie’s 1980 hit ‘Kitchen at Parties’ (now used by Ikea in its advertising campaign) firmly established the kitchen’s role as not just a utilitarian room for cooking but a bonafide destination – as well as the place where many people choose to spend their time.

Now, of course, as much time and effort goes into fitting the right kitchen as does the living room or bedroom. This is why finding not only the right design, but also the right kitchen filter, is of paramount importance.

Be it a shimmering metallic design full of all mod cons and futuristic apparatus, or a bucolic country pantry, kitchens are increasingly a statement of a home-owner’s personality; affording a person free reign to design their ideal.

With all this effort being put into the design (twinned with the finished look inevitably forming in the mind), getting a good kitchen fitter could make the difference between the kitchen of your dreams or a costly and time-consuming nightmare.

As with most – if not all – jobs, experience is a good measure of quality. Whilst in no way the be-all-and-end-all, an experienced kitchen fitter (replete with good recommendations from previous clients) will be a good place to start. While the asking price may be a little higher, you can be sure that you are getting what you pay for, paying for their expertise as well as their service.

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Price, however, is not always an accurate indicator. The best job is not always the most expensive job and likewise the cheapest quote may not be from the worst fitter. Balance the cost with the expertise and recommendations to find someone you can trust, but also afford.

Lastly, it is worth shopping around, keeping tabs on who has been recommended and by how many people. The more people that recommend a fitter the better they should be. Just one or two recommendations, regardless of how highly they speak of the trades person, is not enough of a demographic to trust them implicitly.

Ultimately, fitting a kitchen is a difficult task that’s often best left to the professionals. However, the work you can do is to thoroughly research your options before deciding on a fitter, as this could mean the difference between a shoddy job or a kitchen you’d happily show off at parties.

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