Lighting Ideas for Dreamy Bedrooms

Are you looking for a way to make your bedroom not only cozy, but also seductive and dramatic? You don’t necessarily have to change your furniture into that of the Victorian era, as there are many aspects in which you can transform your bedroom into a space for love and romance.

One of the best things to invest on when creating a sexy, dreamy bedroom is illumination. Installing the right kind of lighting in the bedroom can easily turn it from boring to stylish, and you may not want to change the way your bedroom looks anymore.

Among the ways to start changing the lighting for a dreamy bedroom are:

1. Balanced details. When adding dreamy lighting, it is important that you do it in pairs. You may want to place two lampshades on the nightstands on each side of the bed, or install a chandelier in the middle of the bed. This way the light is able to conquer and dim the right spaces.

2. Elegant wall lamps. Meanwhile, if you have a small room, you may go for wall installations instead. Set up a couple of wall sconces at one side of the bed to serve as dim lights, especially when the center lights are already turned off.

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3. Go for dramatic color combinations. You may also match your lighting with the color schemes of the room. For a dreamy bedroom, you may want to set up dim yellow lights on purple sheets, or frosted white lamps for red and cream rooms.

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