Modern Mediterranean Ideas for Your Home

Mediterranean interiors are among the oldest styles in the world. They are the beginnings of interior design, and they remain to be a real classic even until now. This kind of style offers functionality, sheer elegance and freshness, thus it’s no wonder how it stays to be a trend even in the modern world.

Mediterranean interiors make use of inspirations such as the sea, wind and stone. But how do you actually apply these in your own home? Check out these style ideas:

1. Color schemes

You may want to start with the color schemes. Mediterranean colors use dark blue, white, turquoise, olive green and a few browns. You can then use blue for the walls, wooden brown for the floors, and white for the furniture. Lighter shades such as turquoise are good for accessories, so are metallic hues like gold, silver and bronze.

2. Furniture

When it comes to furniture, better settle with contemporary styles. The angles and edges play a big role in Mediterranean styles, and it is very important to keep them low. You can go with low furniture that’s either made of reed or upholstery, then cover it with white slips. The same low structure applies on the tables, while thin frameworks should be used on the dining sets and stools.

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3. Accessories

In modern Mediterranean themes, you can go with minimalist accessories. You can beautify the empty wall with a framed portrait, then settle with rather small but functional decorations, particularly those made of metal. Pieces made of stone may be placed in corners, while a few indoor plants can give variety to the space.

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