Perks to Having an Outdoor Shower

Being able to rinse off in an outdoor shower after a dip in the pool or hot tub is a welcomed luxury to many real estate owners. It is also becoming one of the most requested outdoor amenities for those owning pools and hot tubs, as well as those living along bodies of water in which they may occasionally go swimming or engage in water sports. The beauty of these outdoor showers are that someone can make or install them for next to nothing, and can design them to be as simple or luxurious as they see fit.

A lot of the beach side outdoor showers are nothing more than a wooden or concrete platform with a shower head and a knob to control the flow and temperature of the water. These are among the easiest to install for residential outdoor showers as well. That being said, outdoor showers can be designed to be as extravagant as possible as well. It is important to remember, the more luxurious one makes these showers, the more expensive the project will run.
outdoorshower Perks to Having an Outdoor Shower
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The biggest thing to installing an outdoor shower is to know where the homes water lines are. Locating, and tapping into them may be the biggest expense of the entire project. With new construction, this can be built in without issue, and then tapped into once it came time to build the outdoor shower. Once the pipes have been installed/located, the rest is simply attaching the mechanisms to turn the water on and off, as well as the showerhead.
shower Perks to Having an Outdoor Shower
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Wherever the outdoor showerends up, it important to make sure the water from the shower has the appropriate place to drain. If it is away from the house, make sure the ground underneath the shower floor is graded enough to have the water run away from the home. This also holds true if the shower is located next to the house. For those running next to the house, a drain can be installed to carry the water away from the foundation. This is easy to do, and will ensure the run off does not end up inside the home.
drain Perks to Having an Outdoor Shower
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If one opts to install walls, they can also build these are part of the shower as well, but will want to remember to cover these walls with materials which will not only hold up to the use of the shower, but also the varying elements Mother Nature has been known to exhibit within the area the outdoor shower will be located. For warmer climates, tile and glass are solid materials to withstand the heat. In colder climates, stone may hold up better to the winter months. It is always best to research the climate and how each material will hold up to it prior to installation.
outdoor Perks to Having an Outdoor Shower
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In conclusion, being able to rinse off the pool chemicals or salt and sand are the prime benefits to having an outdoor shower. They make a great addition to any outdoor living space where pools, hot tubs, or other bodies of water are commonplace.
resthard-outdoor-shower Perks to Having an Outdoor Shower
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