Quirky home interior designs

The home is an extension of yourself and an outlet for your personality, style and personal flair. Therefore, if you are fun-loving, quirky person, you home should be too. Banish the so-called rule book of decorating and stay true to one rule that should never been forgotten when personalising your home; there are no rules. Go with the heart and turn a house into a home that is a true reflection of you.

Vinyl records are great as wall art. A cheeky tip is to put them in the oven on a low temperature to soften them up. Once soft, mould them around a metal bowl or pot. Place the record back in the oven and let it melt over the bowl. Once ready, you will have some decorative baskets to hold silk flower arrangements and other accessories. Be sure to get your timing and temperatures right, as you don’t want to melt your record!
Creative-Painting Quirky home interior designs
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Creative Painting
This technique of painting allows for a funky creation of colour in the home. Splatter painting is a great way of adding personality, colour and design to a room. If it suits you, add some glitter or sequins to the paint to make it even funkier. A top tip is to paint a small corner of a strip of crepe paper and stick it to a wall, and paint over the entire piece of crepe paper. Repeat the trick all over your wall to add colour, depth and dimension.
funky-decor-accessories Quirky home interior designs
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A simple way to add character to your room is to accessorise to meet your tastes. Get a funky looking clock, invest in a canvas print to add a contemporary feel. Stretching your own photo across canvas is now relatively inexpensive. Covering your room in Royal Worcester figurines is also a great way to add a touch of class to a room.
Funky-Zebra-Bedding Quirky home interior designs
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Animal Prints
Use of animal prints really helps to create a funky-looking home. Why not have leopard-print draperies, black and white cow print upholstery for some of your furniture, and tiger-striped pillows. If it even gives you an excuse to get a faux bearskin rug in front of the fireplace.

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Follow these handy hints and really personalise your home in a fun and quirky way!

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