Retro Living Room Furniture Ideas

Retro living room furniture can bring an old-fashion vibe in the home. These pieces offer both design and comfort, but not always the value for space. Because of these features, vintage furniture sets are found to be more ideal on bigger living room spaces, as miniature variants do not provide as much function that’s needed for those who are going to use them.

There are many kinds of retro living room furniture. You may choose from variants such as:

1. Wicker. Wicker furniture (particularly wicker chairs) became popular during the 1970s. These pieces have become iconic because of their constant use for pictorials and album covers of music artists, thus having a set in the home sets an artistic vibe. Wicker furniture is best complimented with printed foam cushions, as these give a pop of color and make the sets comfortable to sit on.

2. Mod. Modular furniture meanwhile projects a modern yet vintage appeal inside the living room. They are usually bulky but have sleek contours, and are heavily upholstered and covered with bright shades of felt, velvet or leather. Mod furniture pieces are great in big homes or those with wide living room areas.

3. Divans. Divans are standalone furniture pieces that are not always included in sofa sets. They also became popular during the 1970s and 1980s as they offer extra seats in the living rom. These pieces are made of wood and have woven or upholstered seats, and look great on both small and big living room spaces as they make the extra floor area more functional.

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