Save money on your heating bills

You may think that it’s far too early to be thinking about saving money on your heating bills. After all, it’s months until winter and the cold weather arrives.

However, you’d be wrong. There are many steps you can – and should – take now, while it is still warm outside, that will help you come November and December. Especially as gas prices continue to rise. Here are some tips to help shave pounds off your annual home heating bills.

On that note, tip number one is to consider a cheaper form of heating all together. Why not try home heating oil instead of gas or electric? Instead of getting that old gas boiler replaced, get an oil fired domestic boiler instead. You’ll find that ordering oil in bulk can be much cheaper than paying quarterly gas charges.

Turn the heating thermostat down and if you feel cold, put on a jumper as a first resort. Make sure that you are only heating areas that require warming up. Does the empty spare room need to be warm, probably not, so turn off the radiator.

Install an automatic timer, if you don’t already have one, that will turn your heating off once it reaches a particular temperature, i.e. during the night, then come on again in the morning when your alarm clock goes off.

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Check for drafts around windows and doors. If there are any gaps, fit draft excluders or add window sealants to window frames, this will prevent cold air coming in and warm air going out.

Insulate your roof, obviously. A large percentage of heat escapes through the top of a property and insulating will form a barrier, keeping the warmth in.

Move furniture away from cold, external walls. This also helps the air to circulate.

Invest in some nice throws for the sofas so you can wrap yourself up if it does get a little chilly inside. Hot water bottles are also great, though they tend to get snapped up once the cold weather comes, so get one, probably at a discount, in the summer.

If all else fails, move around! Keeping active will keep you warm, without needing to put the heating on.

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