Simple and effective bathroom design

As the main objective of a bathroom suite is function, it’s easy to forget the design part when you’re busy factoring in costs and storage solutions. But as utilitarianism has become more popular in contemporary interiors, there’s now a range of bathroom furnishings, from nice toilet seats that brighten up a room to mirrored cabinets which combine effortless style with a place to squeeze those awkward toiletries, that can give even the smallest of bathrooms a designer look.

Bathrooms are usually one of the smaller rooms, so it’s no wonder that space-saving ideas are popular. Bathroom furniture today is often multi-functional, with sinks doubling as cabinets and wall space utilised for vertical shelving. To keep things even tidier, consider an in-built shelf within the tiles above your bath, or make the floor easier to clean with a hanging basin.
small-effective-bathroom Simple and effective bathroom design
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Mirrored cupboards are also a great example of how a simple device can expand a small space just by optical illusion, as well as creating a sleek look. If you have unappealing exposed pipework, get some advice on creating a false wall – a current trend which also works well in concealing toilet cisterns.
simple-toilet-Bathroom-idea Simple and effective bathroom design
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It may be that you only need to revamp, rather than renovate. Consider replacing a few key features or look at nice toilet seats as a way of bringing a bit of personality into the room. It might not be the first thing you think of, but an elegant wooden seat or angular, ultra-modern toilet can be as much of a focal point as the bath.
modern-Bathroom-Furniture-decor Simple and effective bathroom design
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General rules apply in terms of decoration: keeping patterns to a minimum, employing pale shades and lending an airy feel with some well-placed up-lighting. It’s surprising how much variety there is in even the most functional pieces of bathroom furniture and as soon as you get your brain thinking creatively, even the smallest of rooms may have fewer limitations than you think.

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