Starting Tips to Attain a Bachelor’s Dream Pad

For single guys, it will always be that territorial solace, that secret “bat cave”. A bachelor’s pad is something most men aspire to have first before anything else. In putting it so appositely, opinionates that “the amazing thing about a bachelor pad is that it can be anything you want it to be.” A bachelor’s own domain is as challenging a space to design as any other room or place, regardless of gender or marital status specifications. What stands out is the vibe that is predominantly swanky when we think of “bachelor pads”. So what’s to be initially considered for a singlehood hideout?

First-Off, Plan Ahead

It’s any other goal. To have your own place, make certain that you have the appropriate means to not just renting or buying one, but also in maintaining. This goes through to having a budget for the interior design. Determine your theme, canvass on the prices, and if you can, consult experts to help attain what you want to happen properly. Save up on property or home insurance as designing your space is similar to buying your own abode, it’s an investment. According to , home insurance can protect your property from losses, accidental damages or other mishaps that might happen.

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The Next First Thing points out in an article titled Bachelor Pad Ideas on a Budget, “The first step in creating a designer-caliber bachelor pad on a budget is to avoid clichés whenever possible. Clichéd design ideas quickly become dated, accelerating how soon a room may require redecoration.” Guy-friendly designs are more than leather upholstery and blue tones. Velvet, boucle, and linen are great fabric alternatives while grey and brown are the main choices to bring out the right tone of masculinity, plus it goes well with appropriate accent colors like fire engine-reds and deep violets.

How to Really Start it Off

Modern day pads “is all about simplicity, and the less there is in the pad, the easier it is to keep clean and organized”, according to’s Kerrie Kelly. She also notes that “In designing your bachelor pad, your first task is to commit to a great sofa”. You can then base your ideas from that central piece, choosing furnishings and accessories that can adapt when moved to different rooms. Keep in check versatility and adaptability of the items you purchase so as to prolong the duration of your home’s design.

To conclude your initial design stage, Kelly points out that “there is no written rulebook that says a bachelor pad has to look like a man owns it.” What’s best is that your personality can be the theme. What should be prioritized is the budget, mixing of items, and keeping in mind that it’s an investment.

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