Storage Solutions for Modern Living

Small flats and houses make for even smaller storage space. No one wants to live surrounded by old suitcases and boxes of Christmas decorations, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to have somewhere to store what you don’t want on display.

Most of us live in residences in which every room has a purpose. Without the benefit of a basement or attic space, it falls to us to make clever use of the space we’ve got.

Use your ceiling

The space your ceiling takes up can offer you a great storage solution with the need to change very little.

Overcrowding your ceiling is not recommended as you will soon begin to feel very claustrophobic without any negative space. However, using a rack suspended from the ceiling to store your pots in the kitchen not only frees up cupboard space, but also makes for a nice focal point. If you ride a bike and are sick of tripping over it in the hallway, suspending it from the ceiling on industrial hooks gets it up out of the way, and also turns it into a piece of art!

Hidden space

Like your ceiling, some spaces are hidden in plain sight. Attach a magnetic strip onto your kitchen walls for an easy space-saving solution for your knives, spatulas and anything else you might want to stick up there!

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The same is true for all the wasted space used by table legs. Use the end legs of your kitchen table to integrate a few shelves in between, putting items within easy reach as well as providing some much needed storage.

Even furniture can prove advantageous for the space-savvy individual who’s looking to save some space. Plenty of couches and footstools now come with extra room underneath for you to make the most of the space you have.

In the bedroom

Your bedroom offers plenty of nooks and crannies for all your storage needs. That space under the bed is perfect for storing unneeded suitcases, or you can install drawers and have some extra space for clothes. Bedroom storage solutions from Betta Living offer a wide range of cleverly built wardrobes and elegant bed tables for maximum storage space with minimum fuss.

Under the stairs

If you have a staircase, it can be easy to forget about that little cupboard under the stairs. Unless you find you have quite a large space there, you can convert the space into something far more useful, such as integrated bookshelves or even a small computer desk.

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