The Elements of a Cottage Style Home

Cottage style homes are becoming popular these days because of their cozy ambience. Unlike the shabby chic style however, they promote a more functional layout and less of the feminine appeal.

Cottage style themes are ideal for homes with big spaces, as they require a lot of floor area. However, if you are longing to apply the look of this design on your own home, you can start with the basic elements.

Among the things you have to consider when going for a cottage style home are:

Neutral backdrops

White is the central color in cottage style homes, and it is complimented by neutral earthen shades. Among the colors that work best in this theme are brown, olive green, cream and beige, as well as some grays and subtle blues.

Wood furniture

Cottage style homes heavily invest on wood furniture. You can go from oak to hardwood, or settle for rattan frameworks. Hardwood furniture types may be left in their natural color or varnished to bring out a shine. For those with thinner structures, they can be painted white.

Old furniture pieces are preferred in cottage style homes. You can invest on pieces found in garage sales or flea markets as long as they are still in good condition.

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Painted wooden floors

Another important element in a cottage style home is the painted flooring. The floors can be done in white pale color shades to achieve a vintage vibe. The good thing about this is that as the paint chips off, the floors start to look more aged, making the theme more authentic.

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