Tips on how to buy a carpet

Are you planning to incorporate new carpet in your home? Well, if answer to this question is yes, then this advice is especially meant for you.

The living room– Although majority of the people are seeking for luxury and comfort in the room, so it is sensible to go for durability. You can place any kind of carpet in the living area, depending upon your taste and preferences.

Dining Room– Majority of us don’t use dining room on a daily basis, so you can covet the same with a deep pile or natural floor covering. But when food comes into picture, bear in mind spillage. So, it is better to select a carpet that is stain free and spill resistance. It is a prudent choice to make.

Bathroom– Most people don’t like carpet in the bathroom and some like it because it provides great surface for bare feet during winter times and coolness during summer season. But thinking about the water, is the right choice. It is better to opt for bathmats.

Kitchen– It is the first choice for covering of floors, but it is better to consider patterned carpet, as it will minimize stains and is easy to clean.

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Stairs and Halls- For stairs and halls it is better to use the same carpet fitted through the hall, stairs and landing areas. If the area receives high foot traffic, go for a durable and tough carpet options. Bear in mind, light colors shows soiling than darker shades. So, make selection accordingly.

Try to select new underlay, as it will prolong carpet life and it will help to maintain the appearance. Also, it will provide you additional comfort underfoot and provide heat and noise reduction.

Carpets: Color versus patterned
Patterned carpets offers different degree of flexibility when you are coordinating with the theme of bedroom like furniture and décor. The large dominant patterns can prove to be focal points for any room. In the similar vein, the outsize patterns are not perfect for small rooms. It will create a cluttered look.

Plain carpets can make a large room look dreary and empty, but selecting a plain carpet will offer you lot more flexibility when it comes to designing. Plain carpets compliments wide range of color schemes and is a better choice than patterned one. The best choice for the moment is to opt for plain and simple rug, using natural options and textured loop pile carpet.

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Carpet Trends
In the present times, carpets comes in several patterns, textures and colors to select from. Carpet can be viewed as a focal point in majority of the interior designs. Buyers can express their own preferences and styles on the interior like stripes, motifs, etc. Now, the layered color and softer texture has come into presence. There has been a shift towards dark colors like taupes, pewters and soft grey. Strong colors play a dominant role. Eco-friendly carpets are a new trend.

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