Tricks and tips on how to fight common apartment problems

Are you struggling with issues of less space, poor lightning, for a while? If your answer is resounding yes, then here we present solution to this creeping issues. These solutions are answer to most common apartment problems that you might face.

56th_st_apartment_e060810_5 Tricks and tips on how to fight common apartment problems
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Problem No 1-Minimal amount of Storage Space
Whether you live in amazing one bedroom or in a big city, the only flaw that you might face is lack of closets. Your thinking may limit yourself to hanging of some clothes in a narrow space, between the doors. But you have more clothes than the available. Then what is the solution for this problem?

furniture-stunning-modern-white-storage-for-good-looking-small-apartment-space-incredible-storage-ideas-for-small-apartments-design Tricks and tips on how to fight common apartment problems
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Modern Furniture

The solution to this problem is to tear down the wall and substitute it with a room divider or a closet with slider door on both the sides. Of course, this solution is applicable to your own apartment to work. Renters require different solutions, like incorporating beds or some other kind of storage space under the mattress. You can also get personalized furniture that perfectly fits into every nook and corner of the room. In other words, you need to focus on multi functional furniture.
Problem 2 Poor Lightning Arrangements
Darkness can evade you from natural sunlight, especially during a sunny day. So, if you live in a studio apartment or on ground floor of the building, then the question arises on how to improve the brightness of the room? Well, though there is no substitute for sunlight, but here is the solution to your problem.

The solution to this problem is to play with direct and indirect lightning. To make the point simple, give an illusion that the room is better lit than actua;;y it is. For instance, you can create own dropped ceiling with embedded full light spectrum bulbs. You can replace the light that falls on the ground and compress. Avoid using curtains of dark colors or of printed shapes, thus replacing them with whiter and soothing shaded. Blending too many colors is a dangerous game. Finally, to create more lightning effect in the room mirror effect is the best. Wondering how? Well, place a mirror opposite the window, and in this way you will not only improve brightness of the room, but also create a false illusion of depth.
Problem 3: Tenants can’t add personalized touch to the home

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Well, it is the most difficult issue that any person can face, the only changes that you can make in the home is to hang the pictures on the wall. It is trickier to paint the home or drill holes in the walls to incorporate hammock because after all the place does not belong to you. Then, the question crops in everybody’s mind how to customize the rented apartment, when you don’t want to dig permanent holes or add stains to the home.
Well, the solution is if you are avoiding remnants on the walls (especially if it’s a new apartment), priority should always be given to large objects that occupy much space. You could even select a few accessories like tall vases or lamps to hide the empty walls behind them. If you like large mirrors that leave indecent marks on the paint, you can simply place them on the floor. And in case you don’t like white or dreary walls, then you can try out and remove peel and stick wall paper to create beautiful walls.
Problem 4: Shape of the room

Another popular apartment problem that one may face is a typical room that cannot be changed like weird rooms like hallways and corridors and the lack of leeway when it comes to the furnishing of the rooms. Between all the doors and lack of space finding the solution for this problem could be a big challenge. What to change and what not? Well, here’s the solution to the most common problem:
Solution to the problem
Now, here we present the solution to the problem of a typical room shape that cannot be altered at your own whims and wishes. If you have an elongated entryway with lots of door, then it is important not to neglect this aspect. An entry way is the first room that you enter, so it needs to reflect the kind of personality that you have. If you have to select between the most beautiful objects that don’t seem so large or which is wide enough. Then quality is first and foremost priority, for instance, you can get a nice mirror and place it accordingly or another accessory that can beautify the room is a small bedside table that will fit between the doors, and will be perfect for your small home. Another idea is to add small bedside lamp. Bi-colored walls are another solution that you can resort to. Paint the doors and baseboard in a single color and walls in another color, it will definitely give the place another dimension that you were longing for.
Problem 5: Want to split the bedroom, but don’t know how

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Well, with the small space in hand and more people in a single room, the most common difficulty that one may face is how to create two distinct spaces out of a single bedroom. Yes, you are right, from where to start?
Regardless of the kind of problem that you may face, the similar solution can be applied to all the room separation problems. Yes! You guessed it right, the solution is incorporating a room divider in the room. But the trick is not to pick too high because it may lead to stifling of a room. Bedroom that needs to be divided between children can have more room dividers width wise, as it will not highlight hallway effect.
For small apartments that need to be divided between living area and bedroom, you can purchase small piece of furniture which weigh 40 inches high, long enough to add books and other decorative objects.
If you are planning to create an entryway, one can add a small partition or may be a decorative panel to hide the excess space.

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