Wall painting ideas for living room

Wall paintings are quite elaborate in appearance and offer impart a sense of grandeur in the rooms that they are kept in. Wall paintings can be of various sizes. The type of wall painting which one should opt for would depend largely on the length and breadth of the room in which it is going to be housed. It shall also depend on the aesthetic attributes of the person in whose home it is going to be place. There are many exciting wall painting ideas that one can consider in order to make living room seem like a place of aesthetic value.

Diamond patterns can look excellent on a wall. Diamond patterns are generally use in rooms that comprise of lavish furnishings. If the sofa sets and other furniture items are made of teak wood and decorated with velvet covers then diamond patterns on the wall will make the room look simply majestic.

The harlequin diamond design is the one that is the most beautiful. It would look particularly nice in a living room which has a lot of space. The diamonds can be embellished over the walls with the use of what is known as upholstery tacks. Stripes can also look good on the walls of a living room. This is a design which is much in vogue and is being increasingly used to adorn the walls in the homes of contemporary artists and other creative persons.

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Stripes are best displayed in the colors black and white. They can also be created in colors like green, golden and yellow. The strips which are used to decorate the wall paintings can be both vertical as well as horizontal. If the vertical strips run in a manner that is elongated then it can make the wall look longer than what it is.

Oil paintings of a royal court can look simply marvelous on a wall. Such a wall painting would impart a regal look and feel to the living room and make those who inhabit the room feel as if they have been transported into a different world. Thus, there are plenty of wonderful wall painting ideas which can be considered on the part of an individual who is looking to paint his or her living room. The wall paintings ideas that are chosen by a person should be compatible with the overall appearance of the room.

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