What Do Interior Designers Do?

An Interior Designers role is that of a multi facetted, multi talented individual who has excellent interpersonal skills. Once you have embraced the idea of employing an interior designer to redesign your home, your chosen interior designer will make an appointment to come along and make an initial assessment on your requirements. He or she will discuss at length your likes and dislikes, the functionality of the space you are intending to makeover and consider your hobbies and overnight guests, your family and pets and your lifestyle in general, such as entertaining guests, children and their friends and so on. Other important criteria such as budget restraints and time requirements will be discussed at this first meeting. This of course is only the first stage of the process, the analysing and gathering of information.

By the time you have a second meeting with your chosen interior designer you should be presented with a raft of ideas that can be presented in any one of many different formats. For instance, it may be that you are shown a sample of the fabrics intended for the design, or pieces of furniture that are going to be purchased, or of course computerised designs. If your interior design involves remodelling of space then the interior designer will have produced a computerised drawing of your new building/room and they will also recommend an architect or builder that is suitable for the work involved. It may even be at this stage, depending upon the level of work involved in your interior design project, that they suggest upgrades to power and sockets or additional water supply requirements. If there are any major remodelling works involved the interior designer will obtain the appropriate building permits on your behalf. As much as 80% of your interior designers work will be completed by this second stage of the process.

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Once the next stage is underway, the construction documentation phase, your interior designer will have translated any building work requirements and drawings into technical language that will be used by the contractor, this will include working drawings where specifications are made outlining the exact materials that are to be used, the installation and positioning of them as well as the selection and colour of any carpets, tiles, fixtures and fittings that are required.

You will already have been presented with a list of recommended/suggested building contractors and/or architects for any building and construction work and if this is the case at this stage you will most likely have received a number of bids from contractors and you will be in a position to negotiate submitted bids and surrounding proposals.

The final stage will involve the implementation, or building of any work that is required. Your chosen interior designer will at this point be on hand to answer any questions that you may have, as well as make reviews of drawings and submittals and take responsibility for making any payments to contractors on your behalf whilst the job is ongoing.

Once the construction and implementation phase is finished the whole project will be inspected thoroughly by your interior designer to make sure that everything is completed to the high standards that they demand, guaranteeing a perfect interior design.

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