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The color scheme of a living room is one that should be bright and chirpy. The living room is that area of the house where the residents of the home entertain themselves as well as guests. As a result the room should be one which reflects a good deal of warmth. There are color scheme options that are offered by numerous home furnishing stores. In order to choose the best possible color scheme for a living room or a lounge area one has to keep some important tips in mind for ensuring a good choice.
color scheme for living-room
A living room color scheme which one can consider is the beige and white color scheme. Both these colors are sunny and happy and can make the residents in the room feel very happy and at ease with themselves. A beige and white color scheme is also quite convenient in the sense that one can easily find furniture items that are compatible with such a color scheme.

beige and white color living-room
Sofa sets that are made of dark colored solid wood for instance would look very good in a living room that has such a color scheme. One can also decorate the furniture items with pastel shades if the living room has a beige and white color scheme.
beige pastal shade living-room idea
Blue and green is another good color scheme to opt for when decorating the walls and furniture of a living room. These colors are known to emanate a sense of coolness, making the living room a place of great comfort particularly on a hot summer’s day.
white and Green Living Room idea
Light colored furniture items would look excellent in a room which has such a color scheme. Malaysian birch wood for instance can be used to equip a room where the color scheme is blue and green. It will not look out of place and will complement the colors on the walls.
mustard colored living room
One can consider the idea of opting for a mustard color scheme for the living room. The use of this color for home furnishing is quite new. In a room that has a mustard color scheme the furnishings that comprise of red, orange and yellow colors would look especially good. Thus, there are many interesting color schemes that one can consider when doing up the living room of the house. When one keeps these ideas in mind one can transform the living room into an extremely lively place in which to reside.

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