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Lately double sized bunk beds have become highly popular. Sometimes called triple bunk beds these are beds that have a double on the bottom and a single on the top. But what are the advantages and disadvantages to this type of bunk bed?
Double size bunk beds
For a start you are accommodating for a maximum of three people in the space that is only the size of a double bed, this therefore makes it an excellent space saver. This is a huge advantage as more often than not when we have three children sharing a room you are faced with a huge amount of toys and clothes as well as the need for beds. So the more space you can muster the better.
Double bunk beds
Double sized bunk beds are also highly useful for when you have families to come and stay over. The parents can sleep on the bottom and their child can sleep on top. This way you are accommodating for the whole family all in one go.
Finally the double sized bunk beds are a great investment as they are extremely good value for money at bedstar.co.uk. Being able to get three sleeping spaces for under £200 is a real bargain.
boys room Double bunk beds
However like anything there are down sides. Double sized bunk beds are an odd shape so can be difficult to find a space where they will fit in your home.
Girls Double bunk beds
They might also provoke arguments about who is sleeping in the larger bed and who is on top. However, as the age old argument of ‘who sleeps on top’ is relevant to all bunk beds, perhaps this is not such a huge problem.

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