Easy Kitchen Decorating Ideas

If you don’t have time to look at those glossy interior decoration magazines, but want to redecorate the kitchen in a new style, then we have got some easy and quick kitchen decoration tips. The best part of these designing tips is you can mix and match them according your requirement. Since we like to visually appealing things first, hence the first changes should be made on walls. But most kitchen decoration accessories placed on the countertops and cooking gadgets are left ignored. What holding back? A dreary wall paint or fruit and lime wallpaper or age old stencil work. Its time to revamp the kitchen! Updating the kitchen wall décor Is easy and with the below-mentioned changes your home would look new. Here are some kitchen decorating ideas.

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41 Easy Kitchen Decorating Ideas
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Add color to the kitchen

Modular-Kitchen-3D-Designed-Images-10 Easy Kitchen Decorating Ideas
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Paint is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to update the room, But colorful kitchen are not created by chance. The secret behind that lies in the three color palette

Tip no 1- the existing kitchen color that can’t be changed-it includes the color of the cabinets and countertop.

Tip no 2-You can add neutral shade of your choice-you can use it for a new wall color that complement s with the kitchen backdrop

Tip no 3- apply color that make your kitchen look the best- its only bold and unexpected color that works well. You can even add statement accessories in the kitchen like bar stools, vases or cookware.  The best way to find the perfect color palette is to buy paint swatches in the shades that you love and shuffle them until you aren’t satisfied with the combination. Once you find the perfect color combination, keep it handy.

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Create a kitchen focal point

31 Easy Kitchen Decorating Ideas
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Try to see your kitchen the way your guests would look for the first time. Walk into the kitchen and think about the things that you notice. Is it the thing that you like about the kitchen? If not, what would you rather notice?  Make that spot closets to the wall and it will become your focal point. Focal point jump up soon, all you need is creativity. As compared to rest of the kitchen focal point should be unique and bold. Try these techniques to create a focal point

Paint the focal wall with bold shade that you selected from color palette

Hang a large piece of wall art

Use patterned wallpaper to give it a new look

Don’t be afraid to experiment-because it is a single wall.           

Add trendy items in the kitchen wall décor-like open shelving

kitchens Easy Kitchen Decorating Ideas
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If you have updated the kitchen with fresh and bold shades and a focal wall, it’s time to add some layers to the home. The latest trend in the kitchen design is open shelves, upper cabinet free kitchens. The overall look lightens up the kitchen and creates visual appeal to the home, but it requires you to hide all the utensils and mismatched glasses.  Instead of using upper cabinets, try to update your kitchen wall décor by placing one or two floating shelves on an open wall. Floating shelves comes in different style and is easy to install.  To create a big impact in the home, remove a selected upper wall cabinet door and paint or wallpaper on the back of the cabinet. Now, you have an open display shelf. Even you can add new lease of life by adding a LED under cabinet lighting to highlight the items. Battery powered lights are even available if cabinet wiring is a big issue.

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Add accessories to the kitchen wall

Shaker_12 Easy Kitchen Decorating Ideas
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Set your kitchen apart by showing up your personality. Gallery wall collections are trendy and you can take cue from interior designers and magazines because they add guest appeal to the boring wall. Find out your favorite objects from the home and use them together as kitchen wall décor. Some kitchen decoration accessories for a gallery wall include:

Framed album covers

Wired Baskets

Framed Wallpaper and swatches

Vintage Dishes

Antique, empty frames of different shapes and sizes

Collection of mirrors

There is no absolute for creating a gallery wall. Symmetrical, patterned or freestyle placement are the best options.

Personalize the kitchen with chalkboard paint

kitchen_chalkboard_wall_paint_recipes Easy Kitchen Decorating Ideas
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Do you know even a simple chalkboard paint is an inexpensive way to decorate the wall? Well, yes, black is bold, eye catching and add distinct appeal to the kitchen. Not even wall space, you can add it to a door or a cabinet surface. Remember to layer the room. A floating shelf or a gallery wall collection on your chalkboard adds unique look to the kitchen.

Add open shelves in the kitchen

26-kitchen-for-less Easy Kitchen Decorating Ideas
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Remove kitchen cabinets and opt idea of open kitchen shelving. It is definitely a new trend in the kitchen design because of several reasons. Some of the benefits are:

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Open shelving helps to access everyday items easily, thus making food preparation easy

Removing bulky cabinet doors from the kitchen, adds more space and make it look bigger and brighter.

You can display the items to display your favorite collection, like colorful pottery or vintage collection.

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