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While the festive season is round the corner, there is a need to spruce up your home. But this time do it consciously, how? Well here are some tips on how to do so:

All festivals in India are somehow related to the Earth and somewhere reminds us of dependability with natural forces. Festival times are the best time to thank Mother Earth by taking some green initiatives.


Back to basics


Whichever festival it is modern or a conservative, the common thread linking of all festive make over is display of traditional and natural items. Tradition is the root of the festival. An inherent  feature of the festival is sustainability, whether it is about use of biodegradable, locally sourced products, like cotton and silk fabrics, or color made from natural sources, or water soaked earthen lamps to hold light for long time.

Green architecture


In architecture disciple, green architecture is a term used for a design and an attitude that survives different environment tests. Consultant of GRIHA or popularly refereed as Green Rating for Integrated Habitat Assessment says let this festive embrace wealth and knowledge in a different light. Opt for sustainable design and adhere to the principles of green design.

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