• Things You Need to Know About Victorian Furniture

    The Victorian furniture theme was after a particular period in England named after Queen Victoria. This period lasted for sixty four years, and became the time of major developments in England. Victorian came to be the name given to things in this time frame, as the nation transformed from an agrarian workforce to a totally industrialized society. It as well pertained to architecture and art, but more importantly to the social and moral changes that took place around this time.

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    One of the greatest influences that Victorian furniture had was its rejection by many furniture makers who sought for alternative themes. This search resulted to the Art-Nouveau theme, and the revival of Gothic style. Now, as the era depicts a time of repression and a thing of the past, Victorian furniture is often regarded as an antique.

    Dramatic style

    For those who want to achieve a picturesque era brought about by Victorian furniture, the most important thing to note is to have many decorative ornaments. The overall effect may look crowded for some, even cluttered, but the pleasing blend of many things like, wood paneling, stained glass, floral wallpapers, parquet, pottery tiles and marble flooring is what makes the theme a total standout.

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    Victorian furniture is made to be the focal point of a room mainly because its large proportions, radiant bold woods. Victorian furniture is heavily influenced by Rococo and Gothic styles, thus the overall effect is rather eclectic than traditional.

    Most of the period’s furniture pieces are made of reproduced metal hardware, as the people during this time were obsessed with mass-produced products. Doorknobs, drawer pulls are commonly found in Victorian furniture. Fireplaces were plain and furnished with carved brackets. Simple motifs are recommended to adorn the edges of the mantel. Authentic white marble fireplaces meanwhile are ideal but with today’s paint techniques wooden fireplaces can now provide an illusion of marble.

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    Decorative moldings and plasterwork add to the beauty of Victorian furniture. However, because of its expensive price, it is commonly replaced by the use of cornices at the end of arches. Preferred colors for Victorian furniture are dark shades. Rich hues of red and blue are used for all the rooms. The gloomy atmosphere adds to the overall mysterious effect, and is much accentuated by lamps attached to the walls. Victorian chairs have upright backs, with elaborately carved legs. Another favorite piece of Victorian furniture is the grandfather clock, which symbolizes family heritage as it serves as a family heirloom.

    Furniture structure
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    Victorian furniture is always heavily upholstered. Pillows, mattresses, bed covers and all cushions must be puffy, as they are designed to give comfort and at the same time an enclosing effect to one’s repressed feelings which were common during that time. Heavy fabric is used almost everywhere, for curtains, valances, parquet and window treatment. Fabrics are also used as a wall covering both as a replacement for wallpaper and more importantly, an insulator against the cold. If you opt for wallpaper, use the ones with floral prints-these ones are popular during the era, and are as well readily available in home improvement stores.

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    Table and floor lamps attached metal bases in iron, brass, or silver also add to Victorian furniture. For additional lighting, silk lamp shades as well as parchment may serve as alternatives. Crystal chandeliers add a sense of glamour to the room.

    Decors and accents

    Being well decorated, Victorian furniture is always topped with various items such as full vases, jewelry boxes, and egg-shaped picture frames. Centerpieces are adorned with flowers and the dining table must be long and lit with candles. The flooring is as well covered with rugs and carpets.

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    Accentuate your Victorian furniture by adding wall portraits. You may place blown up studio photographs of you and your family to give your home a feeling of family heritage. You may also place imitation paintings of famous artists during the Victorian era to make the space more authentic.

    Victorian furniture is available in furniture galleries and antique shops, but is mostly expensive. Try using furniture replacements instead because they are cheaper and have almost the same effect as the original ones.


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