Glass Topped Table-an elegant furniture item

Transparent furniture items are known to add sense of contemporary touch to the space. This is a great way to showcase your floors or exquisite carpets which are hidden behind solid and bulky furniture. They are popular choice for small spaces. They reflect light and make the spaces look larger without cluttering the home space. Coffee tables, end tables, console sofa tables or dining tables in glass are some of the popular furniture pieces. Typically, a coffee table is placed in front of a sofa and two tables placed at the sides, thus giving everyone the room a place to put down and their glasses. Console tables like accent tables, with curved legs look like consoles. When you select a table, the first question that you should consider is whether it is suited for any room or not. Coffee tables usually come in round, oval or rectangular shapes and not every shape is perfect for every room. The shape is determined by shape and layout of the room.

modern-dining-tables Glass Topped Table-an elegant furniture item
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For example, a square coffee table will take up lot of space and in a small room. It might be obtrusive, so an oval shaped coffee table is a better option. Square coffee table is the best used in large rooms perhaps with more than a single sofa. In this type of setting, two sofas can be places in an L-shaped with the square coffee table in the center in between them. End tables are designed to be placed at the end of the sofa rather than in front. After deciding on the shape and size of the sofa you can think about the style of the table. Most times, a traditional coffee table will seem out of place in a home or apartment with a contemporary décor. But don’t forget about experimenting. It’s all about balancing the things in a right way. Some traditional tables look exotic in a minimalist décor. But, the clean lines or glass table are typically set in minimalistic décor setting. For example, a clear white wall, with a white sofa with transparent tables accentuated with bold colored pillows can be added as a minimalist style. You can even consider teaming up your glass table with art deco chairs to create an exotic eclectic style.

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