Home Accessories Decoration How to add eco-friendly home décor?

If you are eco-friendly and have your eye on all things that are sustainable and green, then this blog post is meant for you. Of course, the living space should reflect principles and ideals of the person. But often, green home reflects high on inspiration but it becomes lack lusture when it comes to décor vibrant and interesting. Here’s how you can make your home extraordinary without disrupting peace and calm.


Be confident about the color


If you are eco-conscious person, you’ll want green to be reflect in the color spectrum, but don’t follow any rules. Try some earthy shades but those that come in pack in a punch-like burnt sienna, mint green or even brick red. It will make your home look fabulous.

Add straw and jute over the home


Say strictly no to plastic in the home, it makes the home looks tacky and whacky. Buy some ceramic mugs, brown old cutlery, use cane or straw baskets as makeshift cupboard. Replace the laundry bag with jute basket to make your home look classic. When it comes to the kitchen, use tin cans and ceramic ware.



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