Home Interior Design Tips How to celebrate Ramnavami?

Ramnavami marks the birthday of Lord Rama…So, this Ramnavami welcome Lord Rama, his spouse Sita Mata and brother Lakshman by creating festive mood. Here are some tricks on how to decorate the home for this festival.



  • Fill in an earthen/brass shallow plate or bowl with water and add colored flowers on to it. You can also light earthen lamps and leave it floating in the water. The urli should be kept according to Vastu, as it welcomes positive forces.
  • Tie Dry mango leaves at the entrance- It is the very Indian way of celebrating the festival and place marigolds on the gattu or on the wooden frame that wraps the door beautifully. Apply haldi kumkum for the same.
  • In the puja room, if you don’t have any idols of Lord Rama, pious Sita and Laxman, you can place coconut each in three brass containers and cover it up with silk cloth to create image. Place flowers in the corner coconut to symbolize sita.
  • In South India, woman also follows a tradition called as bammala kolavu where they gather the best toys and idols at home to celebrate this occasion. Don’t forget to add koshambir and pannak that is jaggery with water along with hint of elaichi in brass or silver ware.

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