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Granite worktops an ideal choice for those who want to bring a bit of sophistication to their kitchen. More and more people looking to give their kitchen that bit of extra pizazz are going online to get granite worktop quotes.

Before getting your granite worktop installed, it is important to know how to clean it. Obviously, it extremely important to keep all kitchen surfaces clean but you wouldn’t clean a granite worktop using the same technique as a basic plastic or wooden surface.

Those who keep their granite worktop clean can enjoy the most precious of stone granite marbles shining beautifully throughout their kitchen for many years to come.

This article presents a range of ideas for keeping your granite worktop clean.

The most recommended equipment to use for keeping your granite worktop looking at its beautiful best is a few drops of neutral cleaner and stone soap.

Other recommended substances include mild washing up liquid with warm water, Windex multi-purpose or hydrogen peroxide with ammonia.

It shouldn’t take Incredible Hulk-like strength to clean your worktop. Just wipe any crumbs or stains with a soft, clean cloth.

Other Tips
Fat stains can be cleared by a mix of plaster and water whilst ink stains can often be removed using lacquer thinner or acetone.

For really tough stains, consider the range of granite-based disinfectants based on the market. Professional stone suppliers will also often be willing to help with how any major issues.

Stains like this should be cleaned as soon as possible to avoid them penetrating the granite surface.

Substances to Avoid
Soap and water is a particularly choice for cleaning a granite worktop as this just tends to smear and leave your surface looking worse. The same applies with antibacterial kitchen spray.

If these tips are followed than your granite worktop can stay looking beautiful for years.

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