How to decorate home for Raksha Bandhan

With Raksha Bandhan around the corner, the festive season has reached to the crescendo. It is the perfect time to extend the festivities to the way home looks and feels. It’s the time to opt for riot of colors, embellish it with silver and gold or simply say it with loud prints and patterns. One of the best ways to let your home echo the spirit of the season is to brighten the look of the furnishings.

Curtain plays a crucial role when it comes to home decoration and is one of the most traditional and old-fashioned way to decorate the home. It will give an instant facelift to the interiors of the home. Select a color that will complement with the overall look of the wall and windows. It will give your room a well-tied look.

Add colors to the room

Bright colors add vivacity to the room and create a right ambience for the festive season. Go for bold colors or cushion covers. Colors like red, orange, yellow, pink and green and contrasting colors add an unique appeal to the home. White combination, abstract prints impart different appeal to the room.

Select shades according to the primary color used in the room. If there is too much shades in the room, you can tone it down by suing neutral shades and go bright if the colors are muted. Cushion covers in purple, fuchisia, royal blue and orange when placed against each other impart a regal touch to the room. Curtains in rich fabrics and bright colors are perfect for festive colors. You can also drape a brightly colored shawl on the sofa. Add cushion or rugs to add instant glamour to the bedroom. Use ethnic cushion covers in brocades and jewel tones. Add burst of colors along with rich-toned bed linen and coordinated cushion and rugs. IT’s easy to add glimmer to the room with accents like rugs, cushions, throws and embellished bed cover. To give the room a festive look, create a special corner where you can decorate home by placing the collection of wood dolls.

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Fabric Display

If a room lacks vivacity and you don’t have much time to decorate the home, then get it repainted. It is the simplest option. Rich colors like orange, yellow and gold creates warmth and luxurious feeling in the home. Change the fabric of upholstery items like sofa, bed sheets, quilts, bed covers to give a new look to the interiors. Heavy drapes in brocade and silk looks the best and adds an enthreal charm to the room.


Besides having as a source of relaxation, cushions adds comfort to a home. You can have cushions in different sizes.

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