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No matter how beautiful or vibrant the home is, there is downside of painting your home with bout of chemicals, isn’t? Well, have you ever experienced nausea and headaches after the paint job is done in your home or near you? Most of times, these symptoms last for weeks and months after that! The long term impact of paints and the pollutants can be many that include liver damage, breathing concerns, etc. Conventional paints are loaded with VOC or popularly called as Volatile Organic Compounds and it is generally in large quantities.

What kind of paints you need to buy?


There are two kinds of paints: oil based and water based paints. Latex or water paints are always the best choice. They don’t release VOC’s and are relatively environment friendly. These are also called as dubbed green paints as they don’t cause any potential health hazards. Next time if you wish to repaint the home, make sure you go for water based r latex paints. Water paints are generally made from natural and plant oils and linseed oil, beeswax and plant dyes. Therefore their impact is too low.

What to search in paint can?


If you are searching for green paints, you must search for these phrases:

Lead free certified

Zero or low VOC

Non carcinogenic pigments


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