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When it comes to garden storage, most people think of the humble and traditional shed.

Whether wooden, metal or even brick, the perception of a shed as the garden’s equivalent of a holdall is a widely held one. Yet, with the image of lawnmowers, spades, golf clubs, rakes and bicycles all competing for space, it’s a surprise that more thought isn’t given to the other methods of garden storage.
wooden garden storage boxes
Smaller storage units are growing in popularity and have been adopted by many people for a myriad of reasons. Whether the garden is limited on space, the current shed is already overflowing or it is used to separate objects (such as storing chemicals safely away in a locked storage unit as opposed to a shed that children may play in), all manner of alternatives have been used for all manner of reasons.
steel garden storage boxes
Those with caravans have also increasingly turned to garden storage units to replace their traditional wooden boxes, now they have come under wide-reaching restrictions for their fire risk.
Boxing clever - Space saving shed
Garden storage units often have a spring-assisted opening mechanism, meaning that the whole unit can be opened up with ease and comfort. In doing this, items are securely held but still easily accessed, even for those who struggle with bending or lifting.
plastic garden storage box
Made from PVC and galvanised steel, storage boxes are maintenance free, fire resistant and often guaranteed for decades. The materials and design make for an attractive looking storage unit that will not require time and effort in its upkeep. They will not fade or discolour in the sun and won’t warp, bend or break in extreme weather conditions.
Large Garden Storage Box
There are a number of different storage boxes on the market, all with unique selling points and advantages. From smaller ones designed to save space in a tiny garden to huge ones with shelving and space for bicycles, there should be a garden container suitable for all budgets and requirements.

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