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Whether you wish to renovate the home for your enjoyment or to add resale value or to get a good payback, home improvements are crucial. If you talk about adding value to the home, then here are some home improvement tips that will help you a lot. Let’s start about the top 5 improvements in home that will make your house more value than it is at present. Here are some tips on how you can add appeal to the home:

Add outside visual appeal to the home

You can make your home look attractive by deciding about the exterior color. If exterior color is faded, paint it. Pave the driveaway, walkway and garden landscaping can go a long way to impress someone. Or you can go for neatly manicured garden.

Why to go for a garden?

Gardens offer relief from daily din and pollution in the cities.  What’s more? Here inhabitants can raise toast, enjoy parties, have splendid view of nature, breathe fresh air, hold barbeque parties, enjoy candle light dinner, have a peaceful space, enjoy the landscape with family and friends. For people living in metros having a small garden is always considered as luxury. Terrace garden is an alternative to it.  These gardens can be easily built in balconies, patio, or roof- infact, you can build it anywhere where you don’t have space constraint. It is an apt way to add greenery to the home. There are various ways to transform your home into green garden.

Otherwise you can opt for kitchen garden.  Depending upon space constraint, you can easily create kitchen garden of any space, design or form or on terraces or balconies to enjoy green space-the main function is to create an outdoor living space that is functional and practical. Terrace gardens need not necessarily grow flowers or decorative shrubs. In present times, people prefer kitchen garden. For people who live in small spaces, vertical gardening is the apt solution.

Understand the basics of kitchen gardening

To begin with, it is important to access the holding capacity of terrace garden. The terrace should take load of the garden. A terrace needs to have:

  • Right kind of soil
  • Proper drainage system
  • Garden should be visually appealing

You can further accentuate the garden by illuminating it with artificial lightning. Accentuate the garden with different items like you can select from different options like ducks, candle stands, stone pots and urils are available in the market. Make sure the terrace garden has proper ventilation that can be easily cooled with water sprinklers and fans. When it comes to family get together or dinner parties, the terrace garden looks beautiful. Go for comfortable lounge seating, potted plants, water bodies, flowers, music, wood decks, grass flooring, pools and much more, a wide array of options are available to beautify the home.

Remodel the kitchen in a right way

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Kitchen is one among the most crucial part of any home. A poorly maintained kitchen, outdated fixtures, stained countertops and backsplashes can be a cause of dislike for your home. However, don’t opt for expensive and bigger projects like installation of in built ovens. You may go easy and make improvements where it matters like with cabinets and sink. Modern kitchen cabinet, neat and clean sink, good looking countertops without stains can do wonders for your home. It is the first step towards kitchen home improvement.

Tips on how to remodel the kitchen

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Step 1- Remove unnecessary and unwanted objects from the counter of the kitchen.  Kitchen counter can become a platform to store unnecessary things, so the first tip is to remove all unnecessary items not required for cooking. The mantra is to remove junk from the kitchen counter top.

Tip 2 Remove equipment that are not in use- if there is any equipment that you don’t use at all or use it occasionally, and then it is better to get rid of unwanted items. It includes mixer, ice cream maker or jars. So, the second tip is to remove unnecessary items from the kitchen counter top.

Tip 3- Keep the cleaning material away- Generally, people use cleaning materials and keep it on the kitchen countertop, but it should never become focus of attention.  Hence, dry the material and keep it under the sink. Further, wipers should always be kept at a bay, may be at the corner or in the utility closet.

Join the beverage area and bar area of the kitchen, in case you have different area for coffee and cooking, combine it into a single area to avoid unnecessary clutter.

Store unnecessary objects in the closet- Once you de-cluttered the kitchen counter top and cabinets, now its right time to have an overview of items that you truly require and what you don’t need. Chances are that there may be a wide range of kitchen accessories, utensils and plates that can be stored in the closet, so store the unused materials in cupboard.

Still you have items in your closet- well don’t forget to store the items that you need on daily basis. Keep it in a proper way or shift it in the closet, as told earlier.

Decorate the kitchen in a right manner

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Now, that you have understood how to clean the kitchen. The next step is how to decorate it within budget. Well, revamping the kitchen is not a tedious task.  You can decorate it:

By painting the kitchen-Paint the kitchen in beautiful marsala colour to make it look inviting. Experts feel that it is a multi purpose colour if used in a right manner. You can use this colour in a large bedroom through a bedcover in the living area by sue of carpets, cushions, lamps or in library. You can even paint the wall of kitchen with this colour or add accessories of this colour. Marsala is a nurturing colour that enlivens the spirit. It is a perfect colour for kitchen and dining room. You can highlight the kitchen area with this colour and can make a statement. An accent wall in the kitchen area looks glamorous and adds unnatural element of surprise.

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Bathrooms too make impact in measuring the values of the home. Having a clean unstained toilet, right pipeline, functional installment, right fixtures along with proper illumination arrangements. If the budget is not too constraining factor, change the fixtures of the bathroom like faucets and shower doors just to add aesthetic charm to the home. If you need improvement in budget, change the light fixtures of the bathroom and switch the plates and also highlight on the storage options.

How to design the bathroom

Design the bathroom in a right way- Luxurious bathrooms can be designed optimally by using right kind of materials and design. For instance, the cost of bathrooms can be increased by adding fancy fittings to it, but extensive tiling and exotic flooring area can work.


Add tiles and wall paint

To begin with, the entire bathroom doesn’t need to be tiled. Instead, large bathrooms can have deep tones of contrasting colour schemes to add character. If the bathroom is small, deep tones can be used to highlight the wall.

Accentuate the bathroom in a right manner

The dry area of the bathroom can have a unique cabinet over which simple basin can be added along with a hand wash. Uniquely shaped and colored mirror would further accentuate the home. Small or slim glass shelves or wooden shelves over the wash basin can act as accessories. Other accessories that can be added to the bathroom include artifacts, candles or flowers. If you are good in hand painting then you can paint flowers over the sink or other designs to make it look interesting. It could be further teamed up with smart posters that are attractively framed over the toilet segment. This adds character to the space. The dry and wet areas can be further differentiated with help of shower curtain with bold paints. An ordinary stone floor or a tiled floor can look appealing by placing a washable rug. The patterns and colors of the bathroom could again bring back the unique look. Further, novelty can be added to the home by decorating the ceiling of the home with stencilled paper or with patterned wall paper that is not overpowering but enhance charm.

Add Victorian theme to the bathroom

If you require a Victorian theme in the bathroom, it could be easily done by going in for dark colored kitchen cabinets while the wash basin can be made from porcelain. This could be further accentuated with help of round or overshaped mirror with a carved frame.

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Illuminate the bathroom in a right manner- a bathroom should have right kind of illumination arrangement and there should be scope for natural sun light. With the help of skylights and windows, the space can be lit up at any time of the day. However, artificial lightning arrangements are also necessary. For this, you can various lights like overhead ambient lights, wall sconces, pendant lights in the bathroom.


Select the theme of the bathroom

It is important to select right theme for the bathroom. With a wide range of theme available like animal kingdom theme to adventurous, options are endless. While a particular theme should be complemented with right accessories and colour. A shared bathroom can be made beautiful by combining two colours at a time.

How to store items in a proper way

Lack of storage is a major factor of devaluation of the home. It can become a headache for you, so it is important to store the items in a proper way. Cluttered closets or things lying here and there can be a cause of detraction. So, it is important to make a provision for storage space that not only adds value in the home but helps you to live freely in the home. Here are some ways on how to store the items.

Accessories that you can use to store the items

Buy multifunctional furniture

Think about different storage options- when it comes to space management, storage is the key. What you can use to store items:

Shelves can be used to store items like closets allow room for folded items and those that can be placed on the hanger. Also, you can buy furniture items with in-built storage options; if you have space related issues. Like every room in the home, kitchen also needs space. For that, you can use drawers from both sides and shelves are the new option. For items like microwave, blenders and mixers it is better to store vertically, so that it gives adequate space and design to the room.

Who doesn’t like to have additional space to live in and use it for purpose like as for a bedroom. Bedroom is a private sanctuary where you spend most of the time, hence it is important to decorate it in a right manner. Select right theme and paint for the bedroom to make it look beautiful. Improving the basement of the room also offers protection to the home against damages caused by molds, moisture and insects. You can also provide additional storage space for the basement.  Whatever you are going, it is important to get proper lighting and insulation arrangements done. It will certainly make your home improvement project appealing.

In a nutshell, by following above-mentioned tips you can make your home a heaven to live in.

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