Beauty Salon Interior design

Senior Interior Design Consultant Caroline Flannery writes for Beauty Professional Magazine.

People seek beauty and never more so than when they walk through the doors of a beauty salon, you’re clients should be convinced that they will leave your salon looking and feeling wonderful and it is your interior design choices which will convey this message most strongly.

Success depends on your ability to provide a consistently high level of customer satisfaction, one of the key factors of which is providing an enjoyable, comfortable, ambient space where your clients are happy and relaxed and look forward to their next visit. Get it right and you are destined for success.

The most important element to the interior design of your beauty salon is to know your customers and to keep your design decisions consistent with the image you are trying to convey. Is your salon female only or do you cater to the grooming needs of the boys too? Are you a family orientated salon or do you wish to attract a younger trendier client? The choice of styles is infinite and is limited only by your (or your designers!) imagination, flair and creativity. Some examples of popular salon styles are:

Classic Style
Appealing to all ages and genders and less prone to fashion trends which are constantly changing and can ‘date’ quickly – consider a neutral colour palate with bold feature walls to add a little drama. Colour accents can be introduced via accessories such as cushions or trims, quality materials should be used where possible.

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Boudoir Style
Opulent glamour and exaggerated luxury is the key to this style – consider a colour palette of dusty pinks, rich purples and reds, tactile fabrics such as velvets and silks, ornate mirrors, decadent 1940’s Hollywood style furniture and dramatic chandeliers. This is defiantly one for ‘the girls’!

Zen/Minimalist Style
Clutter should always be kept to a minimum but it is essential for this interior style that the lines are kept clean and simple. Because there are no embellishments with this style colour and architectural detailing play a vital role so ensure that you use professional fitters – consider a monochrome natural colour palate.

Quirky Style
Stand out from the crowd and get noticed this style is certainly not for the faint hearted but done well can get your salon a lot of attention which can lead to a lot of business – anything goes here, let your imagination run wild.

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