Bikes away, winter is coming

What happened to summer? Once again it was here one minute, gone the next. Britain and its (extremely) patient residents now have to prepare for the winter season and adjust their lives as necessary.

For most his means packing away all the fun things that don’t really work in autumn and winter – frisbees, kites, sandals and bikes too in many cases.

It’s not the end of biking season though. Thankfully our two-wheeled friend is an all-weather beast; more than capable of tackling the British weather and hazardous countryside terrain. Keeping your bike in good nick under these conditions though is taxing no matter what time of the year it is.

However, all is not lost. You precious bicycle may be saved if you invest in a simple metal shed. Yes, a shed.

Metal sheds offer a hell of a lot of durability for their price bracket. Considering we’re already into the autumnal season now, it’s also a lot more practical to set up. All you have to do is find a nice corner in the garden, paved ideally, and piece together a few panels – job done.

The panelling on metal sheds offers a clear path for the rain to come off the structure, always directing it away from the inside and its contents. Because these are also normally corrugated, this helps carry the water away in a uniformed manner. You can always proof your metal shed too if you want extra piece of mind, or fancy changing the colour of it to suit a garden scheme.

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There’s no need think that a metal shed is just for bike use only. We all need extra space, so even if you already have a shed, why not consider investing in another especially for family toys or tools? Alternatively, use your metal shed in the opposite way; a place for potentially hazardous items. Fuels and explosive materials are far safer in a metal shed because it won’t ignite unlike a wooden one!

Surely come this autumn and winter, a metal shed is a near necessity in the garden for any bike owner.

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