Considerations for your curtain poles

As with everything from fashion to interior design, its often not the main attraction that makes all the difference, but the accessories. It’s those little embellishments that can make the difference between the wow factor and the dour factor.

Whilst people expend real time and effort ensuring that the curtains they buy are of the right material, the perfect size and the proper colour, much less time is often spent on the curtain poles and hooks. Given that the size, shape, design and colour could make a world of difference to the overall finished look, it’s quite surprising that it can sometimes be so overlooked.

It is, of course, those who take real time and effort in choosing the right curtain poles who are rewarded with the best finished article. So what options are there to consider, and what does each mean for the buyer?
wooden-curtain-poles Considerations for your curtain poles
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Wooden poles are the traditional option. Bare wood can give a room a real homely feel, giving off a warm, bucolic feeling. Coming in a vast array of colours from typical wood hues to more modern colourful stains, they should fit easily into most homes.
metal-curtain-poles Considerations for your curtain poles
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Metal poles are a decidedly more modern offering, fitting more into a newer home a lot better than the rustic wooden poles of old. A much more contemporary option, metal poles are often a lot more adjustable than their wooden counterparts. For those who have a curved or bay window, metal poles can be bent and shaped to fit with much more ease than the more rigid wooden option – which would potentially have to be tailor made.
Double-curtain-poles Considerations for your curtain poles
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Curtain poles can also come in single or double. Single is the traditional curtain pole option, with a singular track for one curtain (or a pair) to run along. Double curtain poles have a secondary pole running behind the first for such things as a blackout or net curtain. This allows much more freedom for the home-owner to choose the curtains they like; allowing more freedom to mix and match, as opposed to limiting their choice just to those that are functional.

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With all these options, and more, it is a huge surprise that often something that can make a huge difference is not given more consideration.

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