Creating an Enlightened Bathroom

Bathrooms always have to be properly illuminated, as they are among the most used rooms in any home. A well-lit bathroom offers an air of warmth and confidence, and as well motivates cleanliness.

But installing lights in the bathroom may be a bit expensive. Hence, if you don’t have the budget for a full bathroom renovation yet, then here are your options. With these tips, not only will you be able to bring more light to your toilet and bath; you get to save more on electricity costs too.

1. Borrow light from the other room.

You can create a window from the bathroom that allows light to pass through from the adjacent room, but you should install a glass covering in order to maintain privacy. This is a very good way to shed more light into the toilet and bath area, especially if the current lights are not enough to illuminate the space.

2. Use the windows.

You may want to make use of the windows in the bathroom to allow natural light to pass through during the day. Windows need not be fully open; they can be covered with light colored curtains or blinds to maintain privacy.

Open bathroom windows are also important because they serve as exhaust passages; a bathroom without windows can be very suffocating in the long run.

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3. Cover extra windows with frosted glass.

Meanwhile, if you have an extra window in the bathroom that you do not want to use, then cover it with frosted glass instead. This way, the opening is permanently covered, but the light can still pass through the window and illuminate the bathroom space.

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