Cycle storage solutions

Bicycles – as anyone who has tried to lug one though a narrow passage will surely attest – are cumbrous devices. For things designed with streamlining in mind, they can be much bigger than expected once you get them into storage, with pedals and handlebars ready and willing to give you monstrous bruises every time you walk past.

Couple this with the single track of mud streaking along the nice cream carpet and you have a recipe for disaster.

It’s no surprise, then, that people have increasingly taken to giving their bikes their own dedicated storage, with a cycle shed allowing riders to securely lock up their bikes away from where you can clatter into them in passing.

Cycle sheds are the best option for bike storage as they offer security, protection from the elements and are hugely accessible, allowing the rider to put the bike in and take it out with relative ease and without too much lifting. They are easy to wash out if they become dirty and can also be used to hold other cycling paraphernalia such as spare tyres, inner tubes, pumps and tool kits, giving the rider a place to keep everything together.
cycle-shelters Cycle storage solutions
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Cycle sheds are often delivered flat-packed, so will require some assembly but nothing particularly heavy-duty or difficult. They should come with comprehensive instructions and all the tools needed to build it.
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As far as safety is concerned, it’s not just limited to locking it away from thieves. Good cycle sheds are also waterproof and fireproof, so once locked away they should be protected from any external dangers that could potentially damage the contents.
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Good-quality cycle sheds are typically made of PVC and galvanised steel, making them robust and also maintenance free. They don’t need regular painting and can be placed anywhere in a garden and be unaffected by what’s around it. They will also come with a guarantee, some for decades or more, which serves as a rather accurate hallmark of a quality piece of equipment.
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So be it for security or spatial reasons, cycle sheds are the best way of protecting your bike, and keeping it out of your way.
cycle Cycle storage solutions
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