Decorating home with Orange Colour

There is no best way to add vibrant burst of energy to the interior space than with orange colour, but decorating with this colour isn’t easy. Here are some tips and suggestions for decorating the home in this bold and sunny colour.

Bright Orange

This colour is very tricky to use, but it is very effective when done in a right manner.
Sprinkle bright orange accessories throughout the room. In a living room go for lamps, throw pillows, vases and picture frames; in an office use bright orange desk accessories; in the kitchen use orange mixing bowls, dishes and mugs.

This colour is highly effective when used in fabric. A single side chair, window treatment or a small upholstered piece like a footstool make a great focal attention point when painted in a bold orange fabric. The patterned fabrics like stripes and geometric patterns are highly effective. Beware about covering large pieces like sofas in a bright orange colour because it can tire your eyes quickly. Recovering a sofa or buying a new one can be bit costly.

If you are really fond of orange colour, try painting the walls in that colour. Just ensure that you temper them by using simple and calm furniture. Avoid using a lot of other colours because the overall effect can be bit jarring. Instead stick to something white or very soft blue.
For a fresh and eye-catching room design, combine bright orange with turquoise.
Dark Orange
Dark Orange is a bit easier on eyes as compared to bright orange and it can help to warm up and create a dramatic space.

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    It looks great in the dining room. It looks terrific when combined with dark wood of dining room furniture and it can help to create a dramatic mood.
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Pair up dark orange with cream colour and earthy tones in the living room, dining room, offices and family rooms.
Dark orange is inherently cozy colour and it is a great choice for the colder environment and in fall and winter months. So, if you live in hot temperate climate, try to use it sparingly, just a few accent pieces.

Soft Orange- This colour is little bit more forgiving than other hues of orange, But all the same rules still apply to it. Balance it with other soft colours like egg blue, sage green and white.
Remember due to high energy that it exhibits, orange is the best colour for the bedroom. It tends to look too bright and doesn’t contribute to restful environment. If you really want to use it, stick to soft hues of orange.

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