Furniture for kid’s room

There are various elements that define kid’s room like castles, dragons, fairies, etc. A lot has been written about these in the books and is there in the hearts of children. But they don’t have to remain with child imagination. Parents can help them to make their dreams turn into reality. Here are some mantras on how to decorate kid’s room.

Furniture for kid’s room

The furniture requirement will depend upon child’s age and even the gender of child will affect the choice. For small babies, a small crib is the best. A crib can be placed in parent’s bedroom but if a child room is adjacent and easily accessible, it could be kept in child’s room too. The crib should have separate sidewalls of slats that don’t have a gap of more than couple of inches so that the bed can easily accommodate toys. One of the sidewalls should be collapsible so that the mattress could be changed easily. The crib should be kept at a height that allows picking and laying babies.

In baby’s bedroom there should be comfortable chair for feeding and table should be placed at height, so that the mother can easily change the nappies. The beautiful chests can be design with help of storage open baskets to open nappies and other essential items.

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Starting from cribs to toddler’s bed, it is a important in life of a child. This kind of passage from infant to toddler is a big way. When your child is too big for a cradle but small for regular sized bed, a bunk bed or a multi-purpose bed is the best. Here you can keep toys, dresses, toiletries, etc. For children upto 10 years of age imaginative furniture like a car or cottage is more suitable at this age. The bunk beds are the best if you more than one child and it is a space server for the room.
Furniture for school going children

School going children will require a study table and a computer table. Children above 10 years of age will need space for storage furniture like books, games, toys, etc. Ample storage units can be provided. Some of these can be glass fronted to hold toys, games, books, etc. Easily accessible storage items are available for small children. High shelves for storing books are a practical addition to child’s room.

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