How do you go about cleaning bathroom molds?

Removing mold from bathroom could be real pain sometimes. It could be tiring also. In any case, you are bound to keep your bathroom clean and hygienic on a daily basis. Usually toiletries and bathroom are the places where most of the contaminations happen. If not treated properly, this may result in germ infection and chronic diseases. The extent of damages could be even more.

Therefore, you are left out with no option than to put a lot effort and money on mold removal. What is the ideal strategy? How do you combat mold infection and win over its damaging effect?

Well, if you surf home-cleaning websites, home improvement blogs and other resources, you may find out some solutions. At times, they may come handy to you. Moreover, on web you get handful information for free.

Same is here with this post. Here we will discuss about the strategies – How to clean bathroom mold?


Collect good quality Tilex from bathroom sanitary shops. Spray it down over the bathroom floor area. You will see how Tilex (Tiles cleaning agent) mixes with mold. Leave it intact for next two minutes. Use a old rag to wipe up the moldy mess. Make sure the area is completely washed and then dried. Later on, allow the area for air-dry completely. It should be left for another ten minutes.

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Once the bathroom area is air dried, take a good quality bathroom cleaner and bleach material. Apply them to soak the area once again. Take a time-gap of ten minutes. During this, the cleaning infectants will kill the remaining mold spores if any. After scheduled time is over wipe up the floor with a rag and plan to through them outside. You can also use paper towels for this.


Although following these stages may give a temporary solution, it cannot stop mold infection forever. It will come back again and you have to repeat the same routinely. This way you can keep your bathroom smelling clean. Remember, it is important that your bathroom smells fresh. Use specialized bathroom odour for this.

Well, if you are not satisfied with such manual jobs, call professionals. They use advanced equipments and mold removal techniques for cleaning bathroom, toiletries.

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