How to accentuate home in geometric way?

Do you wish to spruce up your home decor in a geometric way? Well, in this article we offer you tips on how to play with geometric designs to get a desired look. This look is new in the market and adds contemporary twist to your otherwise simple plain jane home decor. Plus, it has special ability to make your dreary looking space young, energetic and lively. So, this spring season prop up your feet and get ready for geometric home decor. It will surely make your home a spin.

Here are some tips on how to get that winning look:
Accentuate it with mirrors– a statement mirrors in a hallway or living room is the easiest option for those looking to make high statement with geometric shape driven trend. Add single or assorted long rectangular mirrors on a lone wall to accentuate corner in a room. Mirrors also create false illusion of space.
What actually it is?Curious cubes silver leaf mirror
From where to buy? Anemos, Mumbai
At what price? Range from Rs 66,500

This Kare mirror can add contemporary twist to otherwise dreary looking corner of a room or to obscure spaces like as foyers, corridors and passages.
Add lot of accessories to create this look-Geometric design accessories have become a new trend. In order to create this look adds lot of accessories like mirrors, rugs, upholstery, furniture, etc. It will definitely make your living room lively and vivacious place to live in. Wondering what kind of accessories is apt for a room? Well, here are some tips on how to play with geometric home design safely and securely.

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Accentuate it in right way-accessories with a geometric design is a neutral way of introducing this trend to the home without having to make long lasting structural changes. Blend your statement wallpaper with a stylish ceiling light or a triangular crystal shelves or with flower vases to align the trend.
What actually it is? Triangle Brass Lantern
From where to buy?
At what price? Range from Rs 1600
The brass lantern adds a romantic spin to your otherwise dreary room.

How to incorporate this look in a room? Well, it is not as difficult as you are thinking. All you need to do is to hang four of these lanterns along a French window or on your balcony to get that winning and beautiful look.
Hope these tips were helpful!

Is your geometrically inclined?

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