How to add graphic design to the home walls?

Your home walls aren’t meant only to add paint. You can wrap them with an instant makeover, just by using wallpaper. There are several reasons in pasting wallpaper-they look trendy, contemporary and lend any space instant facelift and give it a touch of luxury. Rohit Gupta, prominent owner of wallpaper and wall covering brand, elementto, says, that Wallpaper are easy way to improve the beauty and décor of the home. Whether used on the walls or as an accent addition, it is a welcome change.

It has become new trend

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In the year 2015, floral and graphic print wallpapers were common. This year has given a momentum to yet another trend. According to Abha Gupta, founder of famous décor brand Icasa, this year’s wallpaper trend features a wide range of styles ranging from traditional to textured and printed. The uniquely weathered wallpaper with an irregular texture has become new trend in this year. The look is distressed and rustic but definitely not incomplete. Such irregular features add classic touch to the home, especially when used in the bedroom. It lends regal look to the corporate offices too.

Beaded wall coverings- another trend that has hit the market is beaded wall coverings. These wall coverings are favorable among the people as it brings glitter to one’s home without being too overwhelming. Solid colors like silk and linen is the best. It is another go trend. The rich look and feel of the fabric adds luxurious touch to the home. Further, Rohit, adds  that 3D films in wall coverings can give walls a funky look. You can go ethnic by choosing wallpaper inspired from palaces or tombs. Royalty is truly in trend!

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Go for stripes– stripes wall paper have become a common trend among the people. It is entirely new trend. This year  will be about reviving wall graphics , which are an innovative and stylish way to add new look to the home. These are digital and screen printed on high quality grade transparent background with 3D effects too. Nonetheless, it is easy to apply and you can apply it on yourself too. Plus, it fits into smaller budget too.

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Wallpaper is available in various patterns-the wallpaper is available in several patterns, natural finishes, retro geometric patterns, metallic and matte prints. Also, delicate pastel is a new vogue. These are trends that are becoming popular these days.

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Try to add these wallpaper in right manner- one of the biggest decisions to take while opting for wallpapers is to select between printed and textured wallpaper. Gupta, the prominent interior designer says that these prints are preferred for cleaner finish and it makes a statement in itself. Abha further adds that textured wallpaper is the popular way to cover imperfections on the wall. Subtly printed wallpapers are the best option to choose from and it complements well with the contemporary home décor.

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A wide variety of trends are available in the market like oriental, floral and metallic.

Rohit further advises to give importance to the visibility of the wall and to the eye on regular basis. For example, solid color wallpaper are best for TV walls in contrast to busy design behind the screen. Wall murals and panels are highly suggested for the walls. For people who revamp their home often, trendy wallpapers are the best option. They are available in classic patterns and it creates visual interest in the kitchen.

Some common mistakes that you can make

It is very easy to get carried away while selecting wallpapers, especially when it is the first time you are selecting the wallpaper. It is important to remember that less is always more. Covering all your adjoin walls with wallpaper will make for nothing but an overbearing look hence it is recommended to stick to at the most two walls per room.

How to select the wallpaper that matches your style?

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The trick is to use wallpaper to create accent an accent wall by drawing focus to wall by covering it with help of wallpaper. Select a wallpaper that complements with your home décor. Keep in mind overall look of the room like curtains, upholstery, furniture and color on other walls so that it looks good.

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Smaller patterns are advisable for smaller spaces, so that the home doesn’t look overwhelming. Moreover, avoid going for extremely dark wallpaper, especially on a wall that stretches long, as it could make your home look dingy. Anand further says that the most people don’t do an exhaustive research before selecting  a wallpaper and that is the mistake they commit. Market research on all these factors is important like quality, technical details, warranty and pricing are important factors. Don’t ever compromise on quality to fit into your budget because it pays in long run.

What wallpapers are best for different room?

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For Living room-wrap living room with metallic wallpaper, intricate designs and handmade paper mache.

For bedroom-for bedroom use rich fabrics or florals

For kids area-use alphabets, numbers, mix of cartoons and animal prints or polka dots

For powder room- use florals and geometric patterns

Dining room-use classic prints and subtle colors


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