How to buy a bed

Are you going to buy a new bed? Well, there are certain questions that you need to ask before buying the same. Well, bed reveals several secret stories and it is important ingredient for good night sleep. Here are some questions that you need to ask before you buy a bed.

Style- The bed that you buy should reflect your style. In the bedroom style always comes in center stage. If you need uncluttered simplicity, go for a contemporary looking loft style bed with platform surrounds or adjustable beds that can be easily raised or lowered at the touch of a button or opt for smart upholstered beds that is made from leather or from faux suede. If you are a romantic buff then markets are decked with painted French and Gustavian beds, or sleigh beds or you can select from brass beds to select from.

How Big it should be- Well, it is a mystery how classic double bed originated. You can go for 4 ft 6 inch bed that hardly how two adults get a good night sleep. Or one can opt for a king size bed that is 5 feet wide or a super king bed that is 6 feet wide. It is a better option. Ideally, a bed should be 4 feet 6 inches longer than the tallest person sleeping in it, so king size bed that is 6 feet 6 inches long with an edge on standard doubles at just 6 feet 3 inches. Then there are mattress sizes that include a bedstead, which is big, so it is crucial to measure the size of the room to ensure that furniture fits in the space and you also have space to move around.

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Will that suit your room- For a big room expansive four poster bed is good enough or glamorous bateau lit will be the centre of attraction.  In order to attain contemporary looks, go for a pentstyle sleek platform bed along with an over-sized headboard that is more of a console, incorporate table and lightning.  Adding bed in a small room is challenging.  A divan is glamorous and doesn’t take much space along with headboard. Additional benefit is you can add storage drawers tucked into the base. Ensure that there is enough space and size to open it, without bumping into bedside cabinets.  Other options include bed with a base that lifts up to reveal storage options. If you have hanker or a fancy bedstead in a smaller room, opt for a metal bed or the one with slatted wooden headboard- either of them will look spacious and airy as compared to solid wood.








Go for a bedstead- Bedstead is the best way to make impression and it is available in different designs, so it is better to go for a classic brass or polished wood or for sumptuous upholstered styles and contemporary metal. It comes in slatted  base though you may seek for  flexible  or rigid wire mesh supports or even a sprung base.  Antique or continental beds omcome in different sizes, you can get mattresses tailor made to suit your requirements. The downside of these bedsteads is lack of storage, though it has separate drawers on castors as an option.

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Is Divan meant for you- Divan bed reminds me of my mother’s home. This is a boxy construction that have stood test of time and it is a comfortable, compact and you can easily fall to your knees. These divans have storage drawers tucked within. The best version of diwans has heavy duty springs within a wooden frame. You can go for a cheap solid or platform divans that have a wood sided frame with a rigid panel. Diwans seems bit dull, but by adding headboard you can increase the glam quotient.

How to select a mattress- Go and buy some good quality mattress. A cheaper mattress with inferior spring won’t last long and it uses cheap plastic that doesn’t allow air to circulate, so it is not of any use. So, the question arises should you go for a traditional spring mattress or one with the latest foams? Pocket springs are luxury, but the mattress needs turning on a regular basis, or as often as possible. Visco elastic mattresses have the benefit that they don’t require turning, though you should rotate them on a regular basis. Go for a cushion top or pillow mattresses, which have an extra layer of synthetic materials to make your bed feel luxurious and soft.

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