How to change the flooring in a budget?

Everyone wishes to become a millionaire, but as every dream can’t turn into reality, in a similar way everyone can’t become a millionaire. Wait a second! You don’t need to be a millionaire to decorate home. All you need is creative bent of mind. In this post, we are providing you tips on how to change flooring of a home within budget. On various occasions, one may feel tired of the flooring and the problem is that one can’t change the flooring of home on overnight basis unlike kitchen appliances. Changing the flooring requires lot of time and money. Hence, there is quicker and shorter way of making your floor look attractive and that is via paint patterns.

Select a theme or a design that complements with your home decor. It can be worked efficiently only when the floors are made from vinyl, concrete or are wooden. However, before changing flooring, one needs to clean them from dirt or oil.

Color Blocks

main_colorex_paver_blocks_tiles_exterior_flooring_tiles_in_goa_india How to change the flooring in a budget?
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This technique includes use of different color combination that blends with the surrounding colors of the room thus complementing each other. This kind of design will give a false impression of a rug, where in blocks are colored with a light hand, so that floor can be easily seen. Often when patch dry it looks worn and give a faded look.

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Border and edges

A beginner can try his hand on this creative side of designing. With little leg work one can easily get pretty designs which can be further designed into circle, dots, etc. Your floor will definitely get a new look.


240L5 How to change the flooring in a budget?
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One can make use of their geometrical knowledge while drawing shape of diamond on the floor. These can be further added in the center of the room, thus making it focus point. One singled out diamond can become focus of attention similarly a pattern of several diamond on entire floor will give an appealing look. Just paint it with your favorite color alternatively and design will earn you applaud. However, let every diamond be in perfection with geometric design.


jason-johlarge-striped-floor How to change the flooring in a budget?
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It can be easily created by experienced and creative individuals. As one needs to be very specific about distances that any two stripes may display, however the result of the pattern made by a professional will render marvellous effects.


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