How to Create a Contemporary Look on your Sofa

Many homeowners think that to get a contemporary look in the house, they should buy new furniture and accessories. This can be very expensive though, and at the same time difficult to create especially when you have a small space and are not ready to spend a hefty budget for the revamp.

But there are ways to create a contemporary look in the living room, particularly on your sofa:

1. Dress up the sofa with a tight-fitting cover.

One of the most important points of contemporary styling is tight-fitting covers. It will then be nice to get rid of the frills and focus on body-hugging slip-covers, as the sofa needs to look sleek and rather functional.

2. Choose solid block colors for the covers.

When switching sofa covers, use solid block colors. You may want to use white or cream to make the sofa look bigger, or blue, dark brown and black to highlight its shape and the empty space surrounding it.

3. Use leatherette, felt or vinyl.

You may also use fabrics such as leatherette, felt or vinyl on the sofa covers. These fabrics help in creating a figure-hugging shape on the sofa and not make it look bulky than its actual form. They are also functional and flexible in terms of changing styles and accommodating events that take place in the home.

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4. Accent with low tables.

To complete the simple contemporary look in the living room, accentuate the sofa with low tables. Use low glass and steel side and center tables as these can be easily accessorized with figurines or even a miniature Zen garden.

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