How to create the perfect kids room

There’s no reason why your little ones shouldn’t have their own stylish space to sleep and play in. From modern furniture to stylish bed linen we show you how to create a room your offspring will be proud of.

Modern furniture
When it comes to modern furniture for kids there is a plethora of choices available. From miniature versions of Philippe Starck’s famous Ghost chair to the now iconic Eames Elephant stool, your children can be as design savvy as you.

Wallpaper is a great way to brighten a child’s room, instantly adding colour and pattern. We love the collections from Mini Moderns, in particular their Knock Knock which features numbers and is not only educational but stylish too. The range of dinosaur prints from Paperboy London is also a good choice as it seems little ones never tire of these prehistoric creatures.
kids-room-Wallpaper How to create the perfect kids room
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Flooring and rugs
Children spend a lot if time playing on the floor so it’s essential that flooring in a kids room is both soft and hardwearing. Wool is a good option as it ticks both boxes; opt for bright colours and patterns to stimulate the senses and add a fun touch to your scheme. If you’re stuck with wood flooring, add one or two cosy rugs instead.
rugs-for-kids-room How to create the perfect kids room
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Bed linen
Forget cutesy Disney prints that will quickly date or whose characters will fall out of date with fickle little ones. Instead choose timeless plains which can be made more interesting with the addition of cushions and throws. However, if you do want pattern, we love the retro range from ByGraziela.
kids-room-Bed-linen How to create the perfect kids room
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Wall stickers and prints
There’s an array of wall stickers available for kids rooms which are perfect for livening up plain walls. From letters to animals the choice is truly endless meaning there is something for everyone. We love Bodie and Fou’s giraffe height chart which will allow children to see how fast they’re growing.
kids-room-Wall-stickers How to create the perfect kids room
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As in any room and perhaps more so, storage is essential in a kids room. Look for brightly volutes stacking boxes which will encourage the little ones to keep their rooms neat and tidy – well, you can but hope! The Lego boxes from Utility are ideal.
kids-room-Storage How to create the perfect kids room
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Window treatments
During the summer months make blackout blinds and fabric your best friend, it will ensure your babes in arms get enough slumber and in turn make sure you’re not being woken up at the crack of dawn.

Most curtain and blind companies offer this as an added extra but if not you can easily add it to existing window treatments.

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Bright colours are known to stimulate brain activity especially in children so steer clear of pastel hues and opt for brights instead. Don’t be restricted by one colour and experiment with using three or four by painting large different coloured shapes onto White walls.

Look for washable paint – Dulux and Crown both have ranges so you can ensure sticky fingers won’t ruin your scheme.

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