How to decorate a powder room?

The powder room is finally getting its due importance. Gone are the days when only living rooms and bedrooms commanded attention from the interior decorators. Now, powder rooms and bathrooms are also receiving luxurious treatment. The reason for this could be an increasing no of people in the home. Reshma Chabria, interior designer and founder of famous interior décor store HIIH, says that it’s not just living rooms and bedrooms are important but powder room too as guests frequent it too. Interior designer, Minnie Bhatt says that design is a kind of self expression and it speaks a lot about people residing in it. Powder rooms and bathrooms spaces are intimate areas hence, focusing on it in its detailed form is important.

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Give it a luxurious makeover

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It’s easy to give powder room a luxurious makeover-whether it is for guests or attaché to your bedroom-it is a luxurious update. Bhatt further says that it is important to use customized tiles or veneer finishes, Italian marble, onyx and mood lights, while Chabria, suggests that focusing on a wall with a great design add depth to the room and it highlights the space too. Warm lights, especially in smaller bathrooms give them a brand new appearance. Dimple Nahar, owner of 2Divine-the lifestyle temple, is in favor of ceiling painted with pop of color or metallic shade. One should not discount on using smart and trendy accessories to completely transform the look of the room. A statement mirror is important to achieve this-opt for vintage or contemporary look depending upon the rest of the set up.

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Accessories that you can add

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A chandelier in the corner, pearl accessories, plush dustbin, luxurious bathroom linen as well as scented can elevate the look of a powder room. Further, you can add a range of candles, flowers, soaps, and a lot more to bring liveliness to the space. If you have adequate space, a wooden shelf with books and magazine to assist you.

Personalize the bathroom

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Being stylish doesn’t mean to look clinical or routine. Be sure to personalize the space in a way that it improves the overall look of the house. Also, it should complement with mood of the home. Chabria says the best way to avoid it from looking like a hotel powder room is to use similar style and color theme for the living space. Add accent touches and funky accessories to improve the look.

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